Marketing Services

The right marketing strategy for you...

You want to make sure that all your marketing dollars maximize your campaign's potential. PW Marketing Group will look at your business inside and out to develope a marketing strategy that fits all your business needs.

Area's of strategic marketing

Brand Marketing - A creative way to set your business apart from competitors. Whether it is a name, sign, symbol or design you want the campaign to be unique. This form of marketing is a great way to get your name in market place!

Direct Response Marketing - Also known as DR Marketing. this is a form of non store retailing in which the customer orders directly by mail or phone and their order is shipped directly to them.

Direct Marketing - Using a sales force to sell directly to your customer base.

Guerrilla Marketing- Efficient based marketing that uses a combination of hard work, creativity and sometimes outlandish practices to target your customer. Guerilla Marketing is usually more cost effective than other strategies, but time and sweat is your trade off.

Hybrid Marketing - Use a combination of marketing strategies to target your customers. Most marketing strategies consist of the Hybrid approach.

Vehicles to Implement your marketing strategy

  • TV - informercials, commercials
  • Print - Newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail, Shared Mail, directories
  • Internet - Website Design, Email Campaigns
  • Radio - Spot, Sponsorship
  • Other - Telemarketing referrals, workshop, networking

Focusing on the right customer...

Customer aquisitions in today's market place can be hard. With increased competition and slimmer profit margins, focusing on the right customer makes sense. A lot of business owners do not know how to target their customer base. PW Marketing Group will help you develope a customer aquisition strategy that works for your business. Contact us to day to get started!